Charlie Francis - Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Musician

Charlie has launched a mastering business under the name Synergy Mastering, information including rates and contact details can be found at

In August 2017 Charlie released an album collaboration with Jemma Roper as ‘Finery’ on Bubblewrap Collective.

Charlie is available for production, engineering and mixing – see contact page.

Charlie’s previous album ‘Influence’ is available at

Produced, engineered, mixed, played piano

Recorded, mixed, played some piano and a synthesiser, sang a harmony backing vocal

Produced, engineered, mixed, played piano and organ, backing vocals

Produced, engineered, mixed

Co-produced, mixed, played some keyboards, recorded guitars

Recorded, mixed

Produced, engineered, mixed, played keyboards and some guitars

Mixed 3 songs and tweaked stems on a few more. Recorded a couple of last minute things.


Recording Engineer

Sessions at John Kean’s studio Athens Georgia and Toast studios San Francisco California