Charlie Francis - Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Musician

Producer, engineer, mixer, keyboards

1. If I’m Still In Love When I Get Back Home From Travelling (America)
2. How I’d Live My Life Aka The Bumble Bee
3. It’s Three, Let’s Go
4. Let’s Go To Town
5. Weak As In Good
6. Little Bernadette
7. Hello Bullfrog, Hello Wave
8. In The Night Sky (I Hear Him Calling Me)
9. Darlin’ If You Think My Songs Are Fun Then Darlin’ You Are Wrong
10. Tim’s Song

From MusicOhm review:

‘There are two things about Hello Wave, however, that make it great. Simplicity, and a lack of pretence. There’s a transparency of songwriting that doesn’t hide behind a trendy haircut, it’s pure and heartfelt – and that makes the record massively engaging.

Black will win no awards for his vocals, but neither will be expect them. His voice often sits uncomfortably atop buoyant guitar lines, but it adds to the charm. He’s a wayward raconteur, his lyrics refreshingly obscure.

It’s warm, like a hug with an old friend. And like having a pint with that old friend, it’s easy to get on with. It doesn’t try to impress or show off, it just says what is necessary. And that, musically, is a very rare, and very brilliant quality.’